Swarovski Blends

Swarovski Blends

If you love Swarovski but can’t decide on a single colour, Swarovski Blends are the perfect solution for you. By cleverly combining two colours in a single crystal, Swarovski Elements have created beautiful beads with incredible results.

When seen, the effect of the blended colours is similar to that of a sunset, as the colours fade seamlessly into one another. Colour mixes include fern and topaz, which brings golden tones to shades of green, and burgundy and blue, which mixes warm and cold colours for a stunning effect. Of course, the Blends still have the brilliance and sparkle which Swarovski is known and loved for.

A great tip when using the blend crystals is to mix and match them, not just with others the same, but with crystals of each of the single colours in the blends. This technique can be used to create an interesting gradient effect and it makes the transition more seamless if you have beads of one colour, followed by the blends, followed by the second colour. You can also use Swarovski Blends with other complimentary or neutral colours if you prefer.

Rubyscraft is proud to stock the latest Swarovski innovations, such as Swarovski Blends, and we have a large range of items to choose from, in various colour options.

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