Swarovski Buttons

Swarovski Buttons

Rubyscraft loves Swarovski Elements because of the fabulous innovative creations they come up with. These Swarovski Buttons and Fasteners are just another one of Swarovski’s genius ideas. They can be used just like normal buttons to add sparkle and glamour to any item of clothing, or can be used as decorative items on craft projects.

Whether you decide to use your Swarovski Buttons on a shirt, blouse, skirt, pair of jeans or coat is up to you; the possibilities are endless. The range not only includes traditional buttons, but also snap and magnet fasteners, so you can use them with many different types of fabric.

Rubyscraft’s range of Swarovski Buttons includes various shapes, sizes and colours. Whether you use all the same buttons or mix and match for a more contemporary look is up to you. You can either use the buttons with clothing you make yourself or simply use them to replace buttons on items of clothing you already own.

We really suggest to think outside the box with these buttons - they don’t have to mean clothes, and some clever crafters use them to create unique accessories, such as decorated hair clips, bags, purses and charms.

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