Swarovski Cubes & Dices

Swarovski Cubes & Dices

Rubyscraft customers love Swarovski for the brilliant shine and clarity, and these cubes and dice demonstrate that clarity perfectly. With six smooth, highly polished sides, each cube bead is perfectly formed and they are a stunning addition to any jewellery or craft items.

Swarovski Cubes are a simple yet elegant design which can be mixed and matched with other shapes of beads or with other cubes. Rubyscraft stock cubes in different sizes to give you the ultimate in choice. Whether you stick to one size or mix sizes for a gradient effect is up to you.

A great tip is to choose several crystal cubes of different colours and arrange them on a felt mat before stringing them, so you can be sure you’ve got a pattern you like. The effect of these cubes when placed together is phenomenal and they make a stunning addition to any type of jewellery. You can also arrange them randomly by colour, if you prefer a less ordered look.

Swarovski Cubes and Dices are easy to string and can also be used with headpins and eyepins for earring making. We stock a variety of findings and stringing material which are suitable for use with these beads but if you need any assistance, please contact us for further help and advice.

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