Swarovski Flatbacks

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One of the best things about Swarovski is that you can use the crystals to add bling and sparkle to almost anything. Rubyscraft offers a range of both HotFix and non HotFix Swarovski Flatbacks, which you can use on a huge range of items including clothes, shoes, bags, phones and accessories.

HotFix technology means that the flatback crystals can be applied without applying a separate adhesive, they are pre-coated with adhesive which is activated by heat (an iron or hot press), and non HotFix means you need to apply your own adhesive. Rubyscraft recommends E6000 glue, which is available in our adhesives section.

A good tip when using Flatbacks is to plan out your pattern in advance, by laying out the stones in the pattern you would like to make them, so you know what the result will look like. It might seem tempting to just get stuck in but, if you make a mistake or misjudge something, it could mean starting again, so it’s best to spend time organising things first.

Rubyscraft customers love Swarovski Flatbacks because of the flexibility of them: you can use them in so many ways, and it’s completely up to you how you arrange them, so your creations will be unique. We’re sure you’ll love them, too.

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