Swarovski Mesh

Swarovski Mesh

Rubsycraft is proud to bring you Swarovski Crystal Mesh: the smart way to add a touch of Swarovski sparkle to your creations. Featuring Swarovski’s Hotfix technology, these crystals can be applied easily using an iron or heat press. This ground-breaking technology works because of a layer of glue, which is already applied to the back of the mesh. The glue is activated by heat and, as it cools, it bonds to the material you want to stick it to.

The beauty of Swarovski Crystal Mesh is that your crystals are perfectly lined up, saving you time and guaranteeing a beautiful end result. It’s much quicker to use Crystal Mesh when you want to cover a large area with Swarovski Crystals than fixing each crystal individually, so it’s perfect for larger areas. You can even cut the Crystal Mesh before application so it fits your craft project perfectly.

Here at Rubyscraft, we check our prices against our competitors so we can be sure we’re bringing you Swarovski Crystal Mesh at affordable prices. Check out our full range of Crystal Mesh and give it a try for your next craft project. It really is one of the quickest and easiest way to add Swarovski bling to your materials.

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