Swarovski Sew-on Crystals

Swarovski Sew-on Crystals

When you want to add Swarovski glamour to your fabrics or accessories, Swarovski Sew-on Crystals from the Swarovski Elements collection are the perfect way to do it. Rubyscraft stocks a wide range of sew-on crystals, in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, all with holes pre-drilled so that they can be sewn on by hand or machine.

One of the best features of Swarovski Sew-on Crystals is the fact they enable the user to create some truly unique designs. They’re also easy to use and their precision cut facets mean they sparkle beautifully in any light.

The holes are cut into the crystals in the perfect positions so that they will stay put when sewn on. Most crystals have at least two holes, but some, for example, Lochrose, has a central hole and is affixed in the same way you would stitch on a sequin. The different crystal shapes complement each other perfectly and can be used in any formation you wish.

We recommend laying out the stones on your fabric before you commence sewing, so you can be sure you get them in the right place. This saves time in the long run as you won’t need to reposition any crystals.

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