Swarovski Stones

Swarovski Stones

For times when you’re looking for something truly unique, Swarovski have created Swarovski Stones, a range of unusual individual crystals, suitable for many purposes. The stones are perfectly formed of the Austrian crystal Swarovski is famous for and Rubyscraft stocks a variety of shapes, colours and styles.

The shapes can be glued into place in various craft projects, used as pendants or components on jewellery items and accessories. Many people choose to put them into metal settings, to make them easy to use in many different projects.

As with all Swarovski Crystals, the facets are precision cut, giving these stones excellent clarity and shine. Made from the finest quality leaded glass, these crystals are designed to create a beautiful sparkle when worn.

If you adore the look of these unusual Swarovski Stones but don’t want to put them into a metal setting, they can be simply worn as a pendant on an ordinary fine chain.

Some of our customers like to buy several different stones and swap them over on the pendant as the mood takes them. This is a great way to have several different necklaces at your disposal without having to buy chains for them all!

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