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Swarovski® Crystal

Almost certainly the best choice you can make! Swarovski® Crystal beads are considered the best and highest quality bead available. A minimum of 32% lead is used in the manufacturing process, which makes the beads very clear and pure. The crystal is then cut with fantastic precision and colours and/or coatings are added to create beads that shimmer and shine with dazzling brilliance. These beads are available in an amazing range of colours, sizes and shapes and you can make your choice from our lists of bead colours.

Swarovski® Crystal Pearls

Each Swarovski® Crystal Pearl is created around a crystal core, which gives the pearl a weight almost identical to a real pearl. The Swarovski® Pearl coloured coating is resistant to fading and gives a beautiful glow to the pearl, which seems to come from within. These pearls are of the highest quality and are available in a lovely range of colours and a good range of sizes. Please make your choice from our lists of bead colours.

The Aurora Borealis Effect (AB Crystal effect)

During the 1950's the Daniel Swarovski company made important advances in the development of its crystal production. It experimented with manufacturing processes in which the stones were coated with wafer thin metal particles in order to increase their sparkle. This process required the material to be steamed in a vacuum. In 1956 Manfred Swarovski, the grandson of the company's founder, created the "Aurora Borealis" which shimmers in every color of the rainbow.

To this day, Swarovski®  continues to demand the highest possible quality of their products to distinguish themselves from the rest of the market. They are incredibly secretive about their processes. Even their workers in the factories do not see what other workers are doing so that they cannot share any secrets with others.

Swarovski® Crystal Photography

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Swarovski® Design Ideas

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