Impress Art Bracelet Bending Kit


This can be used for bending metal strips up to a maximum of 1 1/2″ wide (83.1mm). The ImpressArt Aluminium Cuff Bangle Blanks are ideal for producing and making Aluminium bangles using this tool. To maximise the shine on these Aluminium cuff bangles they can be put into a tumbler to bring them to a polished finish. The Aluminium cuff blanks measure approximately 15.88mm (5/8 inches) x 152mm (6 inches) in size and have a gauge of 14 (1.9mm in thickness). These ImpressArt Aluminium blanks can be used with ImpressArt design punches to create beautiful patterns, or with ImpressArt letter punch sets for unique personalised bangles.

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