Jewellers Safety Pickling Powder Fire Scale Soldering Pickle Repairs 100g


This safety pickle has been formulated for the removal of oxides from the surface of precious metal components after casting, soldering, annealing and any other processes involving heat. It is an ideal alternative to the dangerous acids normally used.

Directions: Heat 1 litre of tap water to approximately 50°C (122°F) in a container capable of resisting acids and caustic solutions (a chemical or polypropylene container is recommended, although glass, most glazed china and most plastics are fine). Add approximately 50g of the granules to the water (always add pickle to water, not water to pickle) and stir with a wooden spoon or spatula. To mix a smaller amount, use 250ml of water (approximately 1 cup) and add 12.5g of crystals (approximately 2 level teaspoons).

Components to be deoxidised should be immersed in the solution, which should be maintained at 50°C if possible (the heat speeds up the process but is not entirely necessary ) and left overnight.

Always use plastic, brass or copper tweezers as steel can contaminate the solution, causing a chemical reaction which can copper plate your sterling silver. Also make sure all binding wire is removed as this will have the same reaction.

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